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The story of 'Azonto Music and Street Dance'

I am 'Kwame Azonto' 'Creator of the Azonto movement'!

I am 'Kwame The Prince'© aka 'Kwame  Azonto'© fully trained Recording engineer for sound and Audio visual applications, Musician and Creative artist/ dancer!

In 2005 I ventured over to The United States to pursue a career in music  production and recording Engineering.

My aim as originally a native of Ghana, was to introduce our Ghanaian high life, hip life off beat rhythm to the music markets of The States to fuse a new style of music. I had kept a secret art form known as 'Zonto'© tucked up my sleeve, my plan was to 'get in the studio' and release this hybrid form of African 'Djama' or 'Hip life' to the eager community of listening ears on the 'West coast' of California.  I had been writing a series of albums based on our West African cultural rhythms, and felt there was an opening in the market for this new art form.

I happened to meet the late band leader of one of the most successful funk fusion jazz bands 'on earth' and sold the idea to him of the album that I desperately needed to produce. He offered to take me under his wing, and teach me how to develop my production and composition skills. 

At the time I happened to convene  with some of Ghana's most happening musicians who would give anything to see our music and culture spread through our artistic efforts. I shared my plan of creating the new 'Zonto' form of music, it's style, it's dance, it's offbeat 'Jerk', it was an awesome exchange! After a small discussion we collectively decided on the name 'Azonto', and a new art form was born. Many of these artists became internationally famous for their debut albums and successive albums and the efforts they made to launch this craze of 'Azonto'.

I believe  that as with all great things the beauty is in 'preserving and cultivating the field' of the art not in achieving false success based on zero level of skill.

My tutelage under one of the great legends of Jazz Funk, gave birth to a project simply known as 'The Afrimerican Funk project', the album co-produced by a legendary producer of jazz was written and recorded over a two year period, but was not released. The 'Afrobeat' field of music and 'Azonto' became huge across the world and in our native West Africa. The beautiful melodies and rhythms of Africa can now be heard all across the world and a new market has been formed for our aspiring new West African musicians.

Satisfied with my efforts I decided to return back home to Ghana and to England to grow our newly created art form progressively, so that all can enjoy the beauty of 'Azonto'. Having taken a break from music production to concentrate on 'Acoustic' 'Chamber' recordings, I look forward to releasing my first few releases in our new art form. In the words of Great thinkers, 'even those who create something great, must wait before they enjoy it's pleasures'.

'The Azonto' is a divine expression of freedom, of love, of success and of victory over the the things we as human beings and residents of the earth fight against.

Welcome to Kwame Azonto.com© 'Watch Me Do My Azonto!'

                                                                                  -Kwame. Buckman ' Creator of Zonto Music'