Azonto , Afrobeat and EDM Mixes Streaming 24 hours/7 days a week.  

I am a fully trained Recording engineers trained and specializing in;

▪ Tracking, Recording , Mixing and Mastering audio on all digital, analog and super analog recording mixing consoles varying between 24 to 72 tracks

▪ Fully trained professional Pro Tools/ HD/ L.E engineers trained in Console automation, plug in automation, effects and midi Automation via midi messages/sys ex messages, Outboard effects devices- Psychoacoustic; (Harmonizers, Pitch correctors, vocoders), & Signal processing (Compressors, mic pre amps and equalizers). 

▪Mixing in Dolby 5;1 and 7;1 for pro tools.

▪ Specialists in hard disk recording Digital audio theory/ Sampling. 

Specialising in stem transfer from Pro Tools, Apple Logic pro, Abelton. And  software packages, guitar pedal effects and amps/ cab combinations.

▪ Excellent at dialogue replacement and spotting for Audio visual applications.

▪Proficient in synchronization of analogue tape, digital tape devices, and midi devices in smpte, mtc, mmc, tach, and pilot tone/ aligning 24 track analogue  ¼ '' tape.

Very quick in production and programming.

Specialists in all recording platforms and interfaces including Pro Tools, Logic Pro Ableton, Digital Performer, and Sonar.

Sound Design;

▪ Subtractive synthesis and sound design.

▪ Midi programming (rhythm, beats, melody, and sonics via layering and patterns).

▪ Midi Parameter Programming and ; midi messages, Sys-ex messages, midi control messages and   Midi machine control.

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