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Professional Credits & Discography

My professional Credits and record of released material to date;

Jazz Crusaders - Alive in South Africa 2006.


Mandingo Black- Drum Programming and pro tools editing and recording.

Brighter Day- Pro tools recording, editing and first mix down.

Jazz Crusaders- Global Warning e.p


Global Warning- Drum programming, Vocoder programming Recording, mix down and Mastering.

Reflections of the Sun- Pro Tools Recording, editing and Mix down.

I want a new man- Pro tools recording, editing, and first mix down.

Global Warning Dance Mix- Drum programming, vocal recording and editing Pro Tools recording and Mixdown. Mastering.

Jazz Crusaders- Kick The Jazz 


Younger Rabbits- Pro Tools first Mix down.

Keep That same ole feeling-  Pro tools Recording and editing.

Welcome to the New Year-  Pro tools Recording and editing.

Scratch it- Drum Programming, Editing and First Mix down.

Streetwize- Pro tools recording, editing and first mix down.

I want a new man- Pro tools recording, editing and first mix down

Brighter day- Pro tools recording, and editing.

Reflections of the Sun- Pro tools recording, editing and first mix down

Time is runnin' out- Pro tools recording, editing and first mix down

Rich hood-Pro tools recording,  and editing.

World tour- Pro tools recording, drum programming and first mix down

Dance Floor-Pro tools recording, editing and mix down

Going Tribal- Drum programming, synthesiser programming, Voice box effects, co-production, Pro tools recording and  mix down.