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Serato Recording 2 2

CANF Mix April/ May 2017

This is the finest mix yet possibly... 
A sweet blend of Afrobeats & Reggaeton

Track Listing
Safari- J balvin

Imaginate- Arcangel & Dj luan

Leal ft Ozuna- Buuoy

Intentalo- Maluma

No quiere e morase- Ozuna

Dile que te me quieres- Ozuna

Amiga Parceira- Mc Pikeno e menor

Ginza- J balvin 

Rara- Tekno

Brighter Future- The famous

 Werk hard- Tony Webb

Ragar- Instinct Killers

Bangala- Stylly dean

Bosoe- Klu

Do me-New age muzik

406 Da Code- Falz 

U Sae u mama dae- The famous


The New CANF Afrobeat mix is here!!!  

Unfortunately the EDM Mixes will be on hold for a while -We will be keeping it strictly Azonto, Afrobeat & Latin!

The CANF Afrobeat mix for January 2017 can be found on Soundcloud- 'CANf# Adventures in Afrobeat Part 2' . 

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